AFSC       Career Field             Educational Requirements (M=Mandatory, D=Desired, and [ ]= items identified by AFSC manager but may not appear in AFOCD

10C0       Operations Commander


11BX       Bomber Pilot

11EX       Test Pilot

11FX       Fighter Pilot

11GX      Generalist Pilot

11HX      Helicopter Pilot

11KX      Trainer Pilot

11MX      Mobility Pilot

11RX      Recce/Surv/Elect Warfare Pilot

11SX      Special Operations Pilot

11UX      Remotely Operated Aircraft

CSO / Navigator

12BX      Bomber Navigator

12EX      Test Navigator

12FX      Fighter Navigator

12GX     Generalist Navigator

12KX     Trainer Navigator

12MX     Mobility Navigator

12RX     Recce/Surv/Elect Warfare Navigator

12SX     Special Operations Navigator

12UX     Remotely Operated Aircraft

Space, Missile, and C2

13AX     Astronaut

13BX     Air Battle Manager

D - Tech degree w/ courses in Admin & Mgmt (92T2 - Training AFSC

13DX    Control and Recovery

13MX    Airfield Operation

D - Tech degree w/ courses in Admin & Mgmt 

13SX    Space & Missile

D - Management, Bus Admin, Math, Science, Space Ops, Econ, Comp Sci, Engr, Liberal Arts 


14NX    Intelligence

D - Physical, Earth, Computer, Social or Information Sciences; Engr; Math; Foreign Area Studies; Bus Admin, or Mgmt 
[LANGUAGES: Arabic, Slavic (Russian, Ukraine), Mid-East dialect, Korean, Chinese]
[DEGREE: Elec Engr, Intn'l Rel, Physics, Pol Sci]


15WX    Weather

M - NONE, however, MUST have 24 hrs in Meteorology, including 6 hrs of Dynamic Meteorology; 6 hrs Analysis & Prediction of Weather Sys (synoptic/mesocale)

D - Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, Math, Science, Geography, Chemistry, Engineering

Operations Support

16FX     Regional Affairs Strategist

16GX     Air Force Operations Staff Officer

16PX     Political-Military Affairs Strategist

16RX     Planning & Programming

Pilot, CSO (Combat System Operators - the new term for navigator), and ABM (Air Battle Managers) trainees are given AFSCs of 92T0, 92T1 and 92T2, respectively. Upon successful completion of your specialized training for these career fields, you will be awarded the appropriate AFSC listed above.