AFSC    Career Field    Educational Requirements (M=Mandatory, D=Desired, and [ ]= items identified by AFSC manager but may not appear in AFOCD)


60C0   Program Director

Scientific Research & Development

61SXA    Scientist - Scientific Analytical

M - Mathematics, statistics, operations research, or related field (such as industrial engineering, management science, or decision sciences, economics)
D - [Masters in same]

61SXB    Scientist Psychology

M - behavioral science, organizational/industrial psychology, applied psychology; general psychology, experimental psychology; human factors psychology; or human factors engineering
D - [PhD - Psychology or related scientific area]

61SXC    Scientist Chemistry

M - Chemistry, Chemical Engr or Biology
D - [Masters or PhD]

61SXD    Scientist Physics

M - Physics or Nuclear Engr
D - [Masters or PhD]

Developmental Engineer

62EXA    Developmental Engineer - Aeronautical

M - Aero Engr [or Mech w/18 hrs in Aero courses]
D - [Masters in Aero Engr]

62EXB    Developmental Engineer - Astronautical

M - Astro Engr, Aero Engr [or Engr w/12 hrs in Structures, Propulsion, Guidance & Control or Orbital Mechanics] 
D - [Masters in Astro Engr]

62EXC    Developmental Engineer - Comp Sys

M - Comp Engr, [Elec, Elec/Electronics Engr (minor in or 12 hrs in Com Engr or Com Sci, or Com Sci w/12 hrs in engr]
D - [Masters in Com Engr, Com Sci, Electrical, Math]

62EXE    Developmental Engineer - Electrical/Electronic

M - Electrical or Electronic Engr
D - [Masters in same]

62EXF    Developmental Engineer - Flight Test

M - Engineering, a physical science, or mathematics

To become fully qualified in this AFSC, you must complete the Air Force Flight Test Engineer Course or comparable US Navy or foreign flight test engineer course and then complete a minimum of 6 months of experience as a flight test engineer. See theAFOCD and AFI 99-107 for more details.

62EXG    Developmental Engineer - Project

M - Engineering, Material Science
D - [Masters in same]

62EXH    Developmental Engineer - Mechanical

M - Mechanical Engineering


63AX    Acquisition Manager

M - Engr, Engr Sci, Engr Mgmt, Math or Math related, Bus or Mgt
D - [Masters/PhD in Mgmt]


64PX    Contracting

M - NONE (24 Business Hours per section 824)
D - Bus Admin, Mgmt, [Strong background in Econ,  Accounting, Math, Com Sci]


65AX    Auditor

65FX    Financial Management

M - NONE (12 hrs Econ, Acct & Statistics subjects (6 being Acct))
D - Bus Admin, [Masters in same]

65WX    Cost Analysis

M - NONE (12 hrs Econ, Acct & Statistics subjects (6 being Acct))
D - Bus Admin, [Masters in same]