AFSC    Career Field        Educational Requirements (M=Mandatory, D=Desired, and [ ]= items identified by AFSC manager but may not appear in AFOCD)
40C0    Medical Commander

Health Services    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

41AX    Health Services Administrator

Biomedical Clinicians    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

42BX    Physical Therapist

42EX    Optometrist

42FX    Podiatrist

42GX    Physician Assistant

42NX    Audiology/Speech Pathologist

42PX    Clinical Psychologist

42SX    Clinical Social Worker

42TX    Occupational Therapist

Biomedical Specialists    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

43AX    Aerospace Physiologist

43BX    Biomedical Scientist

43DX    Dietitian

43EX    Bioenvironmental Engineer

43HX    Public Health

43MX    Medical Entomologist

43PX    Pharmacist

43TX    Biomedical Laboratory

Medicine    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

44AX    Chief, Hospital/Clinic Services

44BX    Preventive Medicine

44DX    Pathologist

44EX    Emergency Services Physician

44FX    Family Physician

44GX    General Practice Physician

44HX    Nuclear Medicine Physician

44JX    Clinical Geneticist

44KX    Pediatrician

44MX    Internist

44NX    Neurologist

44PX    Psychiatrist

44RX    Diagnostic Radiologist

44SX    Dermatologist

44TX    Radiotherapist

44UX    Occupational Medicine

44YX    Critical Care Medicine

44ZX    Allergist

Surgery    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

45AX    Anesthesiologist

45BX    Orthopedic Surgeon

45EX    Ophthalmologist

45GX    OB/GYN

45NX    Otorhinolaryngologist

45PX    Physical Medicine Physician

45SX    Surgeon

45UX    Urologist

Nurse    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

46AX    Nurse Administrator

46FX    Flight Nurse

46GX    Nurse-Midwife

46MX    Nurse Anesthetist

46NX    Clinical Nurse

46PX    Mental Health Nurse

46SX    Operating Room Nurse

Dental    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

47BX    Orthodontist

47DX    Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist

47EX    Endodontist

47GX    Dentist

47HX    Periodontist

47KX    Pediatric Dentist

47PX    Prosthodontist

47SX    Oral Surgeon

Aerospace Medicine    Refer to AFOCD for educational requirements

48AX    Aerospace Medicine Specialist  

48GX    General Medical Officer (GMO)  

48RX    Residency Trained Flight Surgeon  

48VX    Pilot-Physician