Valdosta State University accepts applications on a rolling admissions basis. Upon receipt of all required documents, the student is most often notified of an admissions decision within 7-10 business days.

Here is a link to our application.  

1) ACT/SAT Requirements:


17 Math subscore


17 English or Reading subscore


480 Evidence-Based Reading & Writing


440 Math Score

2) Grade Point Average:

Valdosta State University utilizes a formula known as "Freshman Index" to determine an acceptable grade point average (GPA). The Freshman Index (FI) requirement is 2040. It is calculated in the formula listed below. Please note, only courses from the "Required High School Curriculum" are used for the High School GPA. 

  • FI = 500 x (HSGPA) + (ACT Composite x 42) + 88


  • FI = 500 x (HSGPA) + SAT Verbal/Critical Reading + SAT Math


3) Required High School Curriculum:

    • Students must meet required high school curriculum requirements which will be determined upon evaluation of their high school transcript. 
    • Students graduating from a Georgia high school must meet the "Required High School Curriculum" set forth by the Board of Regents. More information on acceptable courses for the curriculum can be found online at the "Staying on Course" document. 

Here are Georgia's State Graduation Standards:

Courses # of Courses Required
English 4
Foreign Language 2
Math 4
Science 4
Social Science 3 (American History, World History, Economics or Government)


*If a student is not graduating from a Georgia high school, we will review the courses based on the state's graduation standard to determine if the student can be admitted. 


Verification of Lawful Presence

    • Required by the Board of Regents to prove lawful presence in the US only for in-state tuition. 
    • Please note that if the GA Driver's License is "limited term", it cannot be used to satisfy the VLP requirement.


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