Valdosta State University accepts applications on a rolling admissions basis. Upon receipt of all required documents, the student is most often notified of an admissions decision within 7-10 business days.


  1. Test Requirement (either test):

    • A minimum total score of 900 SAT (Math and Critical Reading only) or an ACT Composite of 19.

      • And Georgia State Board of Regents minimum requirements for each section of the test (of at least): 430 Critical Reading (SAT subscore) 400 Math (SAT subscore) OR 17 English (ACT subscore) 17 Math (ACT subscore)

  2. Grade Point Average

    • Freshman Index* (FI) 2040.

      • FI = total SAT Score + (500 x high school academic GPA) ACT Composite will be used for FI calculation

        • Only Critical Reading & Math are used in SAT calculation. Composite Score for ACT calculation.

  3. Required High School Curriculum

    • Students must meet required high school curriculum requirements which will be determined upon evaluation of their high school transcript. 

  4. Verification of Lawful Presence

    • Required by the Board of Regents to prove lawful presence in the US

Valdosta State's Acceptance of Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit

AICE Transfer Equivalents