Instructions for Students with Financial Aid Studying Abroad

  1. Go to Financial Aid Office and let them know that you will be participating in a study abroad program. Tell them which program and for what term(s) you will be away. If you do not have financial aid, pick up and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

  2. While at the Financial Aid Office, pick up a Consortium Agreement Enrollment Form.

  3. Complete the Form and have it signed by your academic adviser and the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for International Programs.

  4. Return the completed and signed form to the Financial Aid Office.

  5. If your financial aid will not cover all of your charges, make sure that the Bursary will receive the remainder of fees not covered by financial aid when fees are due.

  6. Make sure that you sign all promissory notes associated with your loans before you leave the country. Loans will not be disbursed without a signed promissory note on file at the Financial Aid Office.

  7. If you are participating in a summer program and will not receive your financial aid in time to make payment deadlines, contact the loan officer in the Bursary at 333-5725 to inquire about short-term loans.

  8. Be sure to pick up an application for the Regents’ Study Abroad Scholarship.

  9. When in doubt, call the Financial Aid Office (229) 333-5935, the Bursary 333-5725, your program director, or the Center for International Programs 333-7410.