Here you can find information regarding various Student Health Center resources.  Please make a selection below to learn more about your resources.

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Non-VSU Health Links

Self Assessment Tools

  • The Self e-Valuator - ULifeline - a confidential online mental health assessment, was developed by Duke University Medical Center. Complete a self-assessment to learn telling insights about your current state of mind. The Self e-Valuator provides a valuable and objective perspective if or when you (or a friend) are struggling with troubling thoughts and feelings
  • Health Screening tool from the Mayo Clinic provides a snapshot of your current health and reveals opportunities to make healthy changes. Screening tests can also help detect problems early, which is often the key to successful treatment.  
  • Estimate My Blood Alcohol Level 
    • The Drink Wheel is a form that you can fill out that when completed will instantly compute your estimated blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC) or blood alcohol content