Q: Do I get recognized at Graduation if I am not participating in person?
A: You will be able to view the livestream of the Ceremony on VSU's main YouTube page, but you will not hear your name called. Your name will appear in the official Commencement program, and you can request a program by emailing commencement@valdosta.edu

Q: Is there a graduation rehearsal?
A: There is no graduation rehearsal for either The Graduate School Ceremony or the Undergraduate Ceremony. There will be plenty of volunteers on site to show you where to go during the processional and when you cross the stage.

Q: Are children allowed to cross the stage with their parent and sit in the graduate section?
A: Children are not allowed in the graduate section or on stage. They are absolutely welcome to be part of the crowd and cheer on their family members. 

Q: How does check-in work when I arrive?
A: Graduates can check in starting an hour and a half before both the Graduate and Undergraduate ceremonies. Graduate School graduates will report to the correct table of their degree. Undergraduate ceremony graduates will check-in based on their college. Maps of both ceremony check-in locations are on our main webpage at www.valdosta.edu/commencement

Q: What do I get when I check-in?

A: For both the Graduate School and Undergraduate ceremonies, you will receive a card with your name on it when you check-in. You will give that card to the person reading names when you get ready to cross the stage. 

Q: Where do students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies need to report?
A: Interdisciplinary Studies is a Bachelor of Arts degree, but it is NOT in the College of the Arts. It is in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Therefore, graduates from this program will check-in on the second floor (main floor) of Odum Library. 

Q: There are people taking my picture both on stage and when I come off. How do I get those pictures?
A: Grad Images is our Commencement picture vendor. Within a week after Commencement, you will receive an email from Grad Images to your valdosta.edu email address letting you know your pictures are ready. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk mail as well. You will be able to purchase any photos you like.

Q: How does accessibility parking, drop-off, and seating work?
A: For the Graduate School ceremony, accessible seating is located on the floor of The Complex behind the graduates. Please look for a volunteer if you need help finding it. Accessibility drop-off is in the Sustella parking lot on the west side of the Complex. Accessibility parking is in the Sustella lot as well and is available on a first come first served basis.
For the Undergraduate ceremony, accessible seating is located to the outside of the graduates on the Front Lawn. Please find a volunteer if you need assistance locating it. There are two accessibility drop-off locations on main campus. One is on the south side of the Front Lawn by the main entrance on Patterson Street. The other location is on the north side of campus. Just take Georgia Avenue, which is the street directly north of the Front Lawn. Then follow the signs and turn left into the Powell Hall loop. Guests needing accessibility accommodations can be dropped off, then the driver can finish the Powell Hall loop, coming back out onto Georgia Avenue. Accessibility parking is also available in the VSU lots along Georgia Avenue. Accessibility parking is first come first served.

Q: Can I decorate my cap?
A: Yes, you can decorate your cap any way you like. We enjoy seeing the beautiful and creative caps at each ceremony. 

Q: When do graduates and guests need to arrive?
A: Graduates should check in starting an hour and a half before both the Graduate and Undergraduate ceremonies. Gates open two hours before each ceremony for guests to begin entering The Complex or the Front Lawn.

Q: How and when do I apply for graduation?
A: Graduates should apply for graduation the semester before they plan to walk at Commencement. Here's the link to the Registrar’s page. https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/registrar/forms/

Q: Why do I need to apply for graduation?
A: Applying for graduation is required in order to participate in the commencement ceremony and to ensure your degree requirements have been met. The Registrar’s Office evaluates all credits completed to ensure that all requirements have been met for your degree program. 

Q: How much is the graduation application fee?
A: $25 

Q: What form of payment do you accept for the application fee?
A: Credit and debit card online or you can pay with cash or check in the Bursary. 

Q: Do you have to pay the application fee when you submit the application?
A: No, but it is highly recommended to avoid delays in receiving your degree. Your diploma will not be mailed until fee payment is made. 

Q: Where do I go to buy a cap and gown and what is the deadline for that?
A: You can buy your cap and gown in person at the VSU Bookstore during normal business hours. You can also buy your cap and gown online through our provider Jostens. The deadline to buy your cap and gown online with assurance it will arrive before the ceremony is usually at least six weeks before Commencement. You can also call the VSU Bookstore at 229-333-5666, buy your cap and gown over the phone, and pick it up the day of Commencement. 

Q: Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?
A: No, you will receive your diploma cover. Your diploma will be mailed to you several weeks after Commencement. It takes time for the Registrar's Office to certify all requirements have been met to award the degree. 

Q: Will my major be reflected on my diploma?
A: Yes, degree and major where applicable.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Dark pants, skirts, shoes, and tie are preferred. You will want to wear comfortable shoes because there is a lot of walking at both ceremonies. 

Q: Do I have need to have tickets for my family and friends? 
A: No, tickets are not required for either Commencement ceremony and seating is on a first come first served basis. Seats are provided at both The Complex and on the Front Lawn. 

Q: How many people can I bring to graduation?
A: Graduates can bring as many guests as they like. 

Q: Where is my graduate going to be seated?
A: We, unfortunately, have no way of knowing where your graduate will be sitting. Graduates are not seated in alphabetical order.  To avoid confusion, we suggest you decide on a meeting place for you and your graduate after the ceremony.

Q: Will every student walk across the stage?
A: Yes, every student will walk across the stage and be recognized at both of our ceremonies.

Q: How long will the ceremony last?
A: The Graduate School and Undergraduate ceremonies will last between an hour and an hour and a half. 

Q: Is there security at the ceremony?
A: Yes, both University Police and Security Personnel will be located at each ceremony.

Q: Is there ambulance service at the ceremonies?
A: Yes, ambulance service with emergency personnel will be located at each ceremony.

Q: For the guests who could not be here, is there a way for them to view the ceremony?
A: Friends and family members who are not able to attend are encouraged to view the live stream of the ceremonies. Both the graduate and undergraduate ceremonies will be livestreamed HERE

Q: How do I get any other commencement-related questions answered?
A: You can email commencement@valdosta.edu