Welcome to Central Warehouse and Moves

Our section does several functions for the university: Campus Delivery Services, Shipping, Central Receiving, Central Stores, Campus Moving Services, Property Control, and Surplus Property.  Most of the goods and equipment for VSU are delivered to the Central Warehouse and are distributed by this team of workers.

Moves Assistance
Our section is responsible for moving large items and large quantities of items.  Please use the links below if you need assistance moving items on campus.  If the moving is beyond what our staff can handle, we will assist customers with contracting for moving services.

Property Control

The Inventory Control Clerk photographs and documents the location of each asset to update the inventory annually.

Surplus Property

Departments that have surplus property can request warehouse to move those items to campus surplus.  Large items and large quantiies of items need to be sold or disposed of “in place.”  Provide the warehouse as much time as possible for planning for sale or disposal of surplus.  VSU only keeps a small amount of surplus property on site. To view VSU surplus please call for an appointment. 229-245-3735 

Warehouse and Moves Manager

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