In most instances, checks will be reissued for one of the three following reasons:

  • Payroll receives notification from ADP/Shared Services listing employees whose direct deposit has rejected.

  • Payroll has to pull back (place a stop payment) on a direct deposit due to an overpayment, or an employee notifies payroll that their account has been compromised. If the account has been compromised, an email detailing the situation must be sent to This type of reissue is considered a stop payment reissue so please refer to the Stop Payment procedure for more details.

  • Employee has not received their paycheck in the mail. Please refer to the Stop Payment procedure for more details.

All reissued checks will be typically processed with the next on-cycle payroll.  In certain instances an  off-cycle check may be processed following the guidelines and processing dates detailed under the off-cycle  Check procedure.