W-2 forms are available in OneUSG Employee Self Service for all active employees.

  1. Log into OneUSG Connect 
  2. Go to "Employee Self-Service"
  3. Click the "Payroll" tile
  4. Select the "Taxes" tile
  5. Select "View W-2/W-2c Forms"
  6. The W-2 form should be available.
  7. For the Tax Year 2023, click Year End Form. Please ensure that pop-ups are not blocked as the W-2 will display in a separate window as a PDF document.

If employees did not consent to receive their 2022 W-2 electronically, they will receive their W-2 by mail on or before January 31.  The VSU Payroll office does not have access to print W-2 copies for employees.

Please note:  You may notice a difference in the format between the mailed version and the electronic version posted in OneUSG Connect. The information presented is the same in both, and either version can be used for tax purposes. The only exceptions are:

  • W-2s available in OneUSG Connect do not include the Control Number (Box D). This number may be used for the quick population of the employee’s W-2 data in certain e-filing systems; however, the omission of this field on the electronic version should not affect the ability to file taxes.
  • The mailed version of the employee W-2 now contains a truncated Social Security Number format.  Social Security numbers on employee mailed versions will be masked using the format XXX-XX-1234 (note:  all information reported directly to federal and state agencies still contains the full social security number as usual).

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Shared Services Center at 1-877-251-2644 or oneusgsupport@usg.edu.