Garnishments and Government Wage

Withholding Orders


Are involuntary deductions where the employer is required by law to deduct a certain amount of the employee’s pay and remit it to a person or government agency to satisfy the employee’s debt. The employee may be subject to deductions for child support, unpaid taxes or repayment of a debt.

Valdosta State University is required by law to accept and process garnishments served by officials of the court. Failure to meet these financial obligations may cause the University to be subject to penalties, plus possible fines and interest.

Once the garnishment or wage order has been forwarded to our payroll processor, they enter the information into the payroll processing database to begin or end a wage order. Due to off-site processing and privacy concerns, Payroll Services staff can only answer limited questions about the status of an order.

The Garnishment Call Service Center will have the most current information on the status of a wage order. The customer service number is (866) 324-5191. Please note that you must answer all the automated prompts in order to reach live assistance and you may need to leave a message if their lines are busy.

You can also contact our Shared Services Center at (877) 251-2644 or if you need assistance in getting an answer back from the Garnishment Call Service Center.