All vehicles owned or leased by VSU are to be used only for State business. Like all VSU property, using a vehicle for personal benefit is not to be done. This exposes the employee to personal risk and the institution to uninsured liability.

The USG has introduced a new Motor Vehicle Use Procedure. All USG employees who drive on institutional business regardless of frequency of driving and/or location of driving shall be subject to annual training. Information on this procedure is available at the following link: Motor Vehicle Use Procedure

State of Georgia Risk Management provides Physical Damage insurance for “loss” on vehicles listed on the DOAS Vehicle Inventory Tracking and Logistics (VITAL) system for physical damage coverage. Information about the auto physical damage agreement is available on the Department of Administrative Services website.

The state fuel card, assigned to each vehicle, must be used to purchase fuel for state owned vehicles. This method of purchase avoids taxes and provides data for managing use of vehicles. The State Fuel card program at VSU is managed by a card administrator in the Purchasing Office. Information on fuel card procedures at the following link: Fuel Card Procedure.