T-Auth – Travel Authorization Form.

Workflow – Process through which an employee's transaction in the Travel and Expenses Module flow from the employee to all applicable approvers and then to the Accounts Payable Department for payment.

Delegate – Applicable to all employees, this is someone you assign entry authority to enter expense reports and T-Auths on your behalf but they do not have access to your HRMS Self Service Data. They also are not notified when an approval, denial or send back occurs as this goes to the actual employee and not the designate. (An example would be the department secretary).

Designate Approver – Applicable only to Budget Managers as they cannot approve their own transactions. A Designated Approver has been assigned for all Budget Managers based on the reporting hierarchy of the Strategic Planning Database.

Alternate User – Applicable to Budget Managers only. The Alternate User is someone you assign to approve transactions on your behalf while you’re on leave for an extended period of time. Note: The individual must have equal or higher security rights and you must enter a start and end date.