Collection Policy

Valdosta State University's policy is to request and accept payment in full in accordance with the Board of Regents Policy 704.03, the Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual chapter 10.0, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts Accounting Procedures Manual.

The University recognizes that circumstances may subsequently arise creating a balance due to the University. In effort to protect the financial interests of the institution and State, VSU follows Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual chapter 10.0. Student Financial Services staff will take additional appropriate and cost effective actions to minimize the number, financial amount, and past due status of delinquent accounts.

Generally, Student Account balances that are past due 180 days and Returned Checks (NSF) that are over 60 days will be turned over to the University’s Collection Agency

Returned (NSF Checks) 

Checks issued to the University for payment of fees, purchases of books, parking fines, etc., or to be cashed for personal convenience must be paid upon presentation to the Bank on which they are drawn. Checks returned to the University for insufficient funds or any other reason will be handled in accordance with the State Laws of Georgia.

Upon receipt of a returned check, Student Financial Services will place a returned check hold on the student’s record. The official notice of a returned check will be sent by certified letter instructing the writer of the check to either bring cash or send a certified check, money order, or cashier’s check in the amount of the returned check, plus the returned check fee to the Office of Student Financial Services located in the University Bursary. The returned check fee is $25, or 5% of the face amount of the check, whichever is greater. The returned check fee applies to each returned check. If the returned check is for registration fees, the late payment fee of $75 is also assessed.

The law grants ten (10) days from the receipt of the official certified letter to tender payment in full for the returned check(s) and applicable charges. The law states, unless the full amount is paid within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the certified letter, the holder of the check or instrument may turn over the dishonored check or instrument and all other information related to the incident to the Magistrate Court or to the District Attorney.

Immediate action will be taken against a person who issues a check on a closed account or who stops payment on a check to the University.

After three returned check violations or holds, the student will lose the privilege of writing checks to the University. A writes-no-checks hold will be placed on the student’s account. A student may petition the Director of Financial Services to remove the hold in certain circumstances.


Financial holds on student accounts are the result of monies owed to VSU and can be generated from several areas on campus such as Parking & Transportation, Housing, Library and Student Financial Services. Financial holds will not allow students to register, graduate or receive official VSU documents (Transcripts, etc.) until all holds are paid. A student can review their account status and type of hold by visiting the Banner Registration website.

The most common type of financial hold handled by Student Financial Services is called a Student Accounts or B3 hold. These holds indicate that the Student’s Banner account does not have a -0- balance. Student Account holds are updated for the current semester approximately three weeks after the first day of class. Hold notices are sent weekly until the hold is paid or sent to the University’s Collection Agency.

Following is a list of holds generated by Student Financial Services with payment methods and locations indicated. 

Hold Type


Payment Method Accepted


Returned Check

Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order


Returned Check Fee

Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order


Student Account Financial Obligation < 120 days

Cash, Check, Credit Card, Cashiers Check or Money Order to Student Financial Services at University Bursary


Writes no Checks, recurring history of NSF checks – Checking Privileges Suspended



Account Balance prior to 1996

Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order to Student Financial Services at University Bursary


Delinquent Student Account > 120 days - Sent for Collections

Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order to Student Financial Services at University Bursary or University Collection Agency


Summer Short Term Loan Promissory Note

Contact Student Financial Services - Short Term Loans