Program Description and Qualifications

The certificate program is intended for any employee who is seeking to enhance their service excellence skills in the workplace. The curriculum is designed to enhance how employees deliver their services to both external and internal customers of Valdosta State University and the community. The curriculum is based on VSU’s Service Excellence competency, as well as the USG system-wide initiative.  

Application Process

Prior to beginning the program, all participants must complete an online application. Employees at all level can enroll in the Professional Certificate in Service Excellence program.
Cohort Size: Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 25 individuals per class session

Program Structure

The program has a required 24 total hours for completion. The program can be completed at your own pace and online in the Percipio learning platform. There are two core courses required that are offered on a quarterly basis through Employee & Organizational Development.

(*Note: Only one core course is required to complete the certificate)

The certificate program is provided by the Valdosta State University Continuing Education Department. The program is formulated to be a one-year program, with all 24 hours to be taken within two years of your application to the program. Courses are offered so that you can complete the program within a year.

All courses are designed using Adult Learning Principles and contain the elements of presentation/lecture, group discussion, reflection, or a pass/fail test after each course. Tests will not only assess knowledge learned but skills and abilities demonstrated. The majority of the course content will be delivered online.

Core Course Requirement (only one required)

  • Service Excellence: Management Issues and Strategies (3hrs) or
  • Partners for Campus Excellence (2hrs)

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service (6 Hours from this section)

  • Discovering Customer Needs (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Fostering a Service Mindset (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Polishing Your Skills for Excellent Customer Service (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Essential Customer Service Skills (45 minutes/ .75 hours)
  • Becoming a Chat Agent Star (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Strengthening Your Service Skills (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Providing On-site Customer Service (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Providing Telephone Customer Service (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Providing Effective Internal Customer Service (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Designing a Customer Service Strategy (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Call Center Operations Management  (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Become a Great Listener  (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Creativity, Problem Solving, and Service (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Becoming Customer-Centric with Design Thinking (1 Hour)

Effective Communication and Behavior (6 Hours from this section)  

  • Adapting to Your Customers' Cues (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Interpreting Customer's Service Priorities (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Engaging with Customers (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Interacting with Customers (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Communicating Effectively with Customers (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Controlling Conflict, Stress, and Time in Customer Service (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Rapport Building in Customer Service (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • The Art and Science of Communication (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Making an Impact with Non-verbal Communication (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Trust Building through Effective Communication (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Communication Essentials  (3 Hour)
  • Leadercamp on-demand: The Power of Nonverbal Communication  (1 Hour)
  • Communicating with Confidence (30 minutes/ .5 hours)

Problem Solving for Success  (6 Hours from this section)

  • Dealing with Customer Service Incidents and Complaints (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Generating Effective Solutions (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Facing Confrontation in Customer Service (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Choosing the Right Interpersonal Communication Method to Make Your Point (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Do We Have a Failure to Communicate? (15 minutes/ .25 hours)
  • Listen Even When It’s Difficult to Listen (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Using Active Listening Workplace Situations (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Listening  (1 Hour)
  • Leadership Insights on Critical Thinking (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Problem Solving (30 minutes/ .5 hours)
  • Leading through Problem Solving and Decision Making (45 minutes/ .75 hours)
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Demystifying the Problem Solving Process  (1 Hour)

Self-Care  (4 hours from this section)

  • Optimizing Your Workplace Well-being (30 minutes/.5 hours)
  • The Power of Insight: How Self-Awareness Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life (1 hour)
  • The Get Better Mindset (1 hour)
  • Expert Insights on Work/Life Balance (1.5 hours)
  • Self-improvement for Lifelong Success (30 minutes/.5 hours)
  • Establishing Self-confidence for Life (30 minutes/.5 hours)
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Energy Management (90 minutes/ 1.5 hours)
  • Expert Insights on Managing Stress (90 minutes/ 1.5 hours)