How to Apply

An online application process is available for the Professional Certificate for Administrative Assistants (PCAA). Use the apply button below to begin the process. 

PCAA Application

Program Description

The Professional Certificate for Administrative Assistants (PCAA) is a certification process designed for all levels of administrative assistants to learn best practices and develop skills that will be beneficial in their current position.  The Professional Certificate includes a variety of courses that are of high interest and beneficial to administrative assistants in their current service areas.  The certificate includes 3 modules intended for specific administrative job functions as well as continuous professional growth.  The modules include Communication, Leadership & Personal Development, and Workplace Technology.  

Program Format

The PCAA was developed based on input provided by administrative assistants and supervisors.  The PCAA courses are delivered in a combined format which includes face-to-face, online training (BlazeView/Teams), and online self-paced tutorials to provide the best learning opportunities while having minimal impact on the working day.  Several classes are offered each semester, whereas some classes are available “on demand” via BlazeView or Percipio.   To successfully complete the certificate program, participants are expected to complete a minimum of 30 hours of professional development.  

This is formulated to be a two-year program, with all the required courses and electives having been taken within two years of your application to the program.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Communication  

  • Partners for Campus Excellence (F2F session)
  • Listening and Interpersonal Communication (F2F session)
  • Assertiveness Communication (F2F session) OR Communicating Assertively & Effectively Journey (online via Percipio)  
  • Business Writing & Minute Taking (online via Percipio)
  • Professional Image & Confidence Factor (F2F session) 
  • Administrative Skills (online via Percipio) 
  • Customer Service Skills for Success (online via Percipio) 

Module 2: Leadership and Personal Development  

  • Managing Student Employees (online via Percipio) 
  • Generations in Workplace/Mastering the Multigenerational Workforce (F2F session) 
  • Conflict Management (F2F session) 
  • Diversity sessions (minimum of 2 hours required)
  • Safe Space training (online via BlazeVIEW or F2F options accepted)
  • Goals and Career Planning (minimum of 2 hours required)
  • Re-Ignite Your Energy with Grit and Perseverance (F2F session) 
Module 3: Workplace Technology  

  • Microsoft Word for Intermediate Users: (online via Percipio) 
  • Adobe Acrobat and Online Forms (F2F or Percipio options available) 
  • Organization and Time Management (F2F session) 
  • Technology Series: (minimum of 4 hours required) 
    • OneDrive Intro (1 hour) 
    • SharePoint Skills (1 hour) 
    • Excel Basic & Formulas (2 hours) 
    • Microsoft Teams (1 hour) 
    • Organizing Email (1 hour) 

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Byrd at or call our office at 259-5105.