Program Description & Qualifications

This curriculum program is intended for current and aspiring leaders and managers seeking to enhance their skills in order to become more effective leaders in the workplace. The curriculum is designed to enhance skills related to leading the organization, leading the self, and leading others (adapted from SHRM Leadership Competencies).

Application Process

Prior to beginning the program, all participants must complete an application online. If you do not currently supervise full-time faculty or staff, you must also submit two letters of recommendation along with the online application. It is recommended that one of these letters be from your immediate supervisor.

Program Structure

This program has a required 24 total hours for completion. There are four required core courses (12 total hours). There are two track options: 1.) Leadership and 2.) Management.  Each track option requires participants to complete 12 hours of courses, selected by the individual from the overall list of courses. A program participant must complete all core courses and one track option requirements in order to graduate. Participants may choose to complete both track options to earn certification in both areas (12 hours from each track, 12 hours of core, totaling 36 total credit hours).The certificate program is provided by the Valdosta State University Continuing Education Department.

Cohort Size: Minimum of 6 and maximum of 25 individuals per class session

This is formulated to be a one-year program, with all your required courses and electives having been taken within two years of your application to the program. Courses are offered so that you can complete the program within a year.

All courses are designed using Adult Learning Principles and contain elements of group discussion, homework assignments, or a pass/fail test after each course. Tests will not only assess knowledge learned but skills and abilities demonstrated. Some course content may be delivered online.

Core Curriculum (12 hours):

  • Coaching for Success
  • Leading a Diverse Workforce
  • Fundamentals of Management & Leadership
  • Leadership Profile & Personal Plan

Leadership Track Option (12 hours): 

  • Conflict Management for Leaders (3 hrs)
  • Leadership in Higher Education (3hrs)
  • Toxic Leadership: How to Identify, Prevent, and Recover (3hrs)
  • Leadership Trends (3hrs)
  • Lead Like an Introvert (3hrs)
  • Discovering Your “Why?” (3hrs)
  • Women in Leadership (3hrs)
  • Employee Empowerment and Developing Others (3hrs)
  • Leveraging Collaboration and Positivity: A Leader’s Perspective on Transformational Leadership (Skillport Online Course Option) (3hrs)

Management Track Option (12 hours):

  • Managing a Multigenerational Workforce (3hrs)
  • HR 101/Employment Law (Skillport Online Course Option) (1.5 hrs)
  • Building a High-Performance Culture: Performance Management (Skillport Online Course Option) (1.5hrs)
  • Introduction to Situational Leadership (3hrs)
  • Service Excellence: Management Issues & Strategies (3hrs)
  • Guiding Your Staff Through Change (3hrs)
  • How to Hire the Right Person (2hrs)
  • Management: Developing Your Team through Relationship Building, Delegation, and an Engaged Workforce (Skillport Online Course Option) (2hrs)

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