This guide can be used for existing vacant staff positions being reclassified prior to rehiring or for reclassifications for an incumbent based on changing duties. Please note, Human Resources (x5709) prefers to discuss possible reclassifications before the process begins in PeopleAdmin.

As these changes typically involve a change in salary, please make sure to attach an approved budget amendment to fund changes for the current and future fiscal years. If you have questions about funding, please contact your Budget Analyst.

For a Reclass or Additional Pay you will need:

  • A classification based on the individual's new job description
  • A Budget Amendment to permanently fund any changes in salary
  • A Budget Amendment to fund salary changes for the current fiscal year
  • A copy of the current and a new organizational chart

If you have any questions about the above items, please contact HR (x5709) or  Budget Analyst.

Reclassifying the Position

  1. Please discuss with HR (x5709) the changes needed - they will work with you to determine a classification based on job duties. After a classification has been determined, please contact your  Budget Analyst to review your budgets and define a source of funding for salary and benefits. Benefits can be estimated using the Personal Services Estimator.
  2. Sign into PeopleAdmin and switch to Position Management. Human Resources has a guide on the basics of navigating PeopleAdmin.
  3. Select the position to be reclassified from your list of positions, and begin a “modify” action.
  4. Fill out any applicable fields and attach documents as needed, making sure to update the job description fields and position classification. Please attach your Budget Amendments defining current year and permanent funding. HR also requires an updated organizational chart be attached to all positions in addition to a copy of the current organizational chart.
  5. After the fields are filled out and any applicable amendments are attached, move the position to Human Resources Initial Review. From there, it will follow the workflow until approved or denied. If the reclassification is approved, you will receive a notification – if the reclassified position is currently filled, the process ends here. If the reclassified position is vacant, you can now continue to posting.

Posting an Approved Position

  1. Sign into PeopleAdmin and switch to Applicant Tracking. Human Resources has a guide on the basics of navigating PeopleAdmin and posting positions.
  2. Begin a new posting by clicking on the “Create New Staff/Temp Posting” link on the right of the page. Click on “Create from Position Description” and select the position that was approved above. Fill out any fields.
  3. After the fields are filled and any applicable documents are attached, move the position to Human Resources Initial Review. From there, it will follow the workflow until final approval. After final approval, the position will be posted and able to accept applications.

Starting a Hiring Proposal

  1. After applications have been received and applicants have been reviewed and interviewed, the hiring proposal is the final step in the rehire process. Sign into PeopleAdmin and switch to Applicant Tracking.
  2. Select the posting to be hired. On the “Applicants” tab, select the individual to be hired and click on “Start Hiring Proposal.” At this point, PeopleAdmin will prompt you to select the position in which the applicant will be hired.
  3. Select the position where you wish to hire the applicant, fill out any applicable fields in the next few pages, and move the position to Budget Review. From there, it will follow the workflow until approved. After final approval, the position has been rehired - you may now discuss final details such as the first day of work. HR will contact the candidate to provide an employment package regarding their benefits, IT needs, etc.