If you need student employees, but do not have a student position in your budget, a new position can be created. Ahead of beginning an action in PeopleAdmin, please discuss with Student Employment (x7575) to make sure a student employee can meet your needs. Also, please contact your budget analyst (x5710) to discuss sources of funding for a student position. Please remember that students are limited to 19 hours of work a week while classes are in session.

You will need:

  • A Budget Amendment to fund the position for the current year – if the position is to be funded again in the new year, please define a permanent source of funds.

Creating the Position

  1. Please contact student employment at 333-7575.

Posting an Approved Position

  1. Sign into PeopleAdmin and switch to Applicant Tracking. Human Resources has a guide on the basics of navigating PeopleAdmin.
  2. Begin a new posting by clicking on the “Create New Student/Work Study Posting” link on the right of the page. Click on “Create from Position Description” and select the position that was approved above. Fill out any fields.
  3. After the fields are filled and any applicable documents are attached, move the position to Student Employment Coordinator Review. From there, it will follow the workflow until final approval. After final approval, the position will be posted and able to accept applications.

Starting a Hiring Proposal

  1. After applications have been received and applicants have been reviewed and interviewed, please contact Student Employment to fill out the student employment packet. Sign into PeopleAdmin and switch to Applicant Tracking.
  2. Select the posting to be hired. On the “Applicants” tab, select the individual to be hired and click on “Start Hiring Proposal.” At this point, PeopleAdmin will prompt you to select the position in which the applicant will be hired.
  3. Select the position where you wish to hire the applicant, fill out the applicable fields, and move the position to Budget Review. From there, it will follow the workflow until approved. At this point, the position has been hired.