Please complete the Financials Data Warehouse User Access Request Form and send the signed/dated form as an attachment to, or fax it to 229-259-5020. 

To ensure you are viewing the current data, please be sure to refresh the reports by clicking on the settings cog in the upper right corner and selecting “Refresh” from the menu.  Please update any bookmarks you might have and begin accessing your reports.

User Guide for
  • Budget Activity Summary
  • Budget Activity Detail-Displays individual transactions that impacted the budget 
  • Revenue Activity Summary
  • Revenue Activity Detail
  • Budget Journal by Department-Displays funds transferred between like funds 
  • Grant Budget Activity Detail-Displays grant transactions 
  • Schedule G- Contains original budget for Travel, Operations and Equipment 
  • Schedule G1-Displays original budget for personal services, position #, and salary 

Select your department to find your budget analyst.  Call 229-333-5710 to set-up your budget appointment.

Purpose: Regular reconciliation should be done in your department to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are authorized, reasonable, allowable, and correct.

Budget Management 

Budget Tracking Process

Any Vice President may request the establishment of a new departmental budget by emailing . A departmental budget manager must be designated for each new budget.  This departmental budget manager is critical to the internal budgeting processes of the department. It is his or her signature alone which will be required to manipulate funds within the departmental budget or to authorize expenditures from its accounts, and it is this manager who will be expected to regularly review the departmental budgets and keep members of the department informed.

Routine or clerical tasks associated with budgeting or strategic planning may be given to others under the departmental budget manager’s supervision; however, ultimate responsibility for the budget and planning for the department will remain with the named budget manager.

Should a departmental budget manager be unable to sign a document (vacation, etc), please notify Financial Services in advance via email of the change in temporary signature authority.  Any individual signing for a departmental budget manager should sign as follows:

                        Jane Departmental Budget Manager by Joe Temporary Signature Authority

A journal voucher (JV) is used to move an expense to a specific account or process current accounting entries, allocations and corrections.