General Accounting

The Office of Financial Services serves the VSU community by providing financial services to students, faculty and staff.  Our mission is to provide accurate and efficient accounting and related financial services to the University in compliance with Federal/State laws and the University System of Georgia policies.

Chart of Accounts (Account Number Structure) 

Setting up a new Department or Project

The University can create its own Departments or Projects within limits set by the University System of Georgia.  New departments or projects are set up after requests are received by the Office of Financial Services and it has been determined that one is necessary. Please refer to the Budget Services web pages for Procedures Governing the Creation and Maintenance of the University Departmental Budgets.

Cash and Deposit Procedures

Agency Funds

The Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual (BPM) defines an Agency Fund as a fund that is used to account for the resources held by an institution as custodian or fiscal agent for individual students, faculty, staff members, or other organizations.  Before an agency account is set up, the Director of Accounting must determine that the activity should be accounted for as an agency account and not through other funds.  Persons wanting an agency account must contact the Director of Accounting in the Office of Financial Services.


The Office of Financial Services accounts for several endowments, a list of which can be viewed on the Endowment Scholarship Request Form.  All others endowments are handled by the VSU Foundation.

Statements of spendable amounts for the upcoming fiscal year (Fall and Spring semesters) are mailed out in March to each department responsible for awarding/spending the funds.

Investments (Gifts and Donations)

The University can directly accept gifts and donations for amounts not exceeding $100,000.  The Board of Regents will accept on behalf of Valdosta State University any donations of $100,000 or more.

Here are some forms you might need:

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