Budget Amending Tips

  • Amend budgets before actual transactions are trying to post in accounting. If a budget checking error occurs, Budget Services will make an amendment from whatever funds are available in the immediate department. If there are no remaining, available funds, Budget Services will look to the department at the next level of responsibility to resolve the budget check error. For instance, if the funds are not available in the same department, then Budget Services will amend funds from a Dean or Director’s budget to resolve the budget check error. 
  • Amend the funds needed to maintain the budget for normal operations for the remainder of the fiscal year. In other words, in preparing an amendment be proactive, not reactive. If your activities have changed, estimate the needs for the rest of the year, not just this instance. Be aware of continuing expenses you will have that are not encumbered, such as telecommunications, supplies, etc. 
  • Have all signatures for approval. All approvals through the vice presidential/cabinet level should be on the form when it reaches Budget Services. This is for communication purposes. This step ensures that all impacted parties are aware of the changes in the budgets. 
  • Round your amounts to the nearest dollar. The budget does not use cents generally. 
  • Make a copy or print one for your records as the requestor. You can also use this copy to verify that the changes you requested have been made on your next Budget Progress Report. 
  • Budget amendments are only used to change the BUDGET amounts. If you need an expenditure researched or corrected, please send a written request by email or memo to Ms. Antolina Pilgrim anedwards@valdosta.edu, Chief Accounting Officer. 
  • Budgets for Student Assistants, Graduate Assistants, temporary employees, extra compensation and casual labor may normally be amended. Budget for full-time employees or their fringe benefits cannot normally be amended by the department. 
  • If you are adding budgets for temporary employees, casual labor or extra compensation you need to fund the related fringes as well.  You will also need to contact Human Resources (229) 333-5709 to identify what reporting requirements or restrictions may apply for ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance.  Please use the Personal Services Estimator to calculate fringes.  Remember when rehiring in full-time positions, the annual leave expense will need to be provided from the budget line before rehiring for the fiscal year.
  • Additional revenues earned or deposited will need to be budgeted as expenditures to be available to the department. Please attach an original receipt to the Budget Amendment Request Form when budgeting these revenues.