Budget Amendment Requests

May be filled in on-line and printed, or printed and filled in by hand. Once it is filled out for your transactions, it will need to be signed by all management levels responsible for the budgets changed by the amendment. There are some brief instructions on the form, for clarifications refer to  Instructions for Budget Amendment Form . You may also find the “Tips for Amending” webpage useful in completing the form. The program Valdosta State University uses to manage their budgets is a University System of Georgia version of PeopleSoft. In addition to Revenues, it establishes expense budgets for Personal Services, Travel, Operating and Equipment. The Personal Services budgets are broken out into lower level budgets for full-time and part- time employees and related benefits. Examples of typical amendments to or from these various budgets are provided below.  The amounts shaded in light gray on the form will be filled in by Budget Services when your amendment is entered in the PeopleSoft Financials system. You do not need to fill out any blanks in those areas.

Budget information is reflected monthly as part of the Expenditure (Appropriations) Report and in the Appropriations Ledger History Report. If you need these reports, notify Nicole Mitchell namitchell@valdosta.edu (ext. 5708) in Accounting. To change the budgeted amounts, the department head or manager responsible for the cost center needs to submit a Budget Amendment Request Form