VSU Parking and University Police citations may be paid at the Parking & Transportation Department located on the 1st level of the Sustella Avenue Parking Deck (directly behind the Student Rec. Center). This must be done no later than ten (10) days from the date of the citation. If the fine is not paid or an appeal is not presented within this time frame, the citations will be considered delinquent, and late fees will be assessed ($5.00 one time late fee). A "hold" will be placed on the violator's records when parking fines are accumulated. Failure to pay parking holds will result in a person's not being permitted to register for classes or receive a transcript until the fine is paid.

Payment methods:  We accept cash, check and money orders inside of the main office. Credit card payments ( Master Card, Discover or Visa) must be made via the web portal only.  Coined monies must be rolled by customer (with full name and ID number listed on each roll); rollers can be provided by the department.  Flex payments must be made in the office (have to physically swipe your card).  University Bursary also accepts parking citation payments - cash, check or money orders inside of the Bursary.  Credit card payments at the Bursary are processed through their kiosk station.

(Parking and traffic violations cited on a State of Georgia Traffic Citation, by the Department of VSU Police Department must be paid or appealed to the State Court of Lowndes County.)