All vehicles and registered operators involved in parking violations are subject to being issued citations. The registered owner/operator of the vehicle is responsible for all fines, late fees and administrative costs, or the filing of appropriate appeals for the violation.

The fines, penalties, and other sanctions will be administered as follows:

  • In the case of a vehicle registered with the Parking & Transportation Department, fines and sanctions will be assessed against the individual in whose name the vehicle is registered.
  • In the case of vehicles not registered, assessments will be made against the operator, if it is determined that the operator at the time of the violation is associated with Valdosta State University, and in fact should have registered the vehicle with the Parking & Transportation Department.
  • If a vehicle is not registered with the University and the operator is not associated with the University, fines will be assessed against the vehicle's owner as listed in the state vehicle registration records.
  • Assessments will be made concerning unassigned/unidentified vehicles by nature of their: tag number, vehicle identification number (VIN), home address, class schedule, enrollment status, and also by relevant information associated with the vehicle through the university software system (Banner).
  • If there is a vehicle driver dispute, any outstanding parking fines will be assigned to the registered tag owner.
  • If an unidentified vehicle is issued a full or partial tow, outstanding parking citations on the towed vehicle shall be assigned to the customer who signs the tow release form.