All motorized vehicles parked at any time on campus by students, employees, visitors and service vehicles must be properly registered. Permit owners will be held responsible for citations issued to vehicles.

A motor vehicle may be registered by the owner or primary operator of the vehicle by one of the following methods
  1. applying for a virtual parking permit in person at the Parking & Transportation Department, paying the appropriate fee there.
  2. selecting the "virtual parking permit" option during the automated pre-registration process. The charge for the permit will be added to your student fees.
  3. complete the Vehicle Permit Registration section in the parking online portal on the Parking & Transportation web pages.
  4. VSU full-time employees have the option to use payroll deduction when purchasing a permit during the Fall or Spring Semester (or by check, cash, credit card). Policy of Financial Good Standing indicates that if for any reason employment ends, any and all debts with the University will be deducted from the final paycheck.
Payment may be made with cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Flex Account, Financial Aid or those options specified above.

Each motor vehicle must be registered no later than the first week of classes of the initial semester it is to be operated on campus.

Only operators of motor vehicles who have a valid driver's license and proper motor vehicle insurance may operate a motor vehicle on the VSU campus.

Please notify Parking & Transportation the next business day of any change in ownership or license tag number of any vehicle registered for operation on campus or you may update your vehicle registration on our web pages.