Improper use of Visitor Parking Only $30.00
Parking in Metered Space $30.00
Overnight Parking $30.00
No Virtual Parking Permit $30.00
Expired Virtual Parking Permit $30.00
Share Virtual Parking Permit $30.00
Parking out of assigned area $30.00
No Pull Through/No Back In $30.00
Parking which blocks traffic or creates a hazard $35.00
Parking in a Service Vehicle space - tow $30.00
Parking in a 24 hour reserved space - tow $30.00
Overtime parking $30.00
Parking in area not designated for parking $30.00
Moving a motor vehicle to circumvent timed parking limit $30.00
Any other parking violation $30.00
Improper Permit Usage $35.00
Parking in a Fire Lane - tow $45.00
Towing Fine $95.00- partial $70.00
Parking in a disabled space without authorization or blocking disabled spaces and/or ramps, State of Georgia Traffic or Valdosta State University parking citations. $120.00 (minimum)