• Faculty, staff, visitor, and timed spaces are marked but I can't find any spaces marked "Student", where can students park?
    Student parking spaces are all spaces that are not designated. Most of the student parking spaces are in Oak Street Lot, Oak Street Deck, University Center, North Campus, and Sustella Lot and deck.


  • I want to pay my citations, where do I go and do I have to pay with cash?
    All VSU parking citations are paid at the Parking & Transportation Department. Payments may be made with cash, check, flex, or money order inside of the office.  Credit card payments (master card, visa, discover) must be paid on line through the parking web portal.


  • I want to get a job with Parking Personnel. How can I become a part of this operation?
    Parking personnel are student assistant positions. This position is paid minimum wage. If you are a VSU student you may apply for a job on line through the Student Employment Services (all jobs are posted accordingly).


  • What exactly is "Open Parking"?
    Open Parking hours are from 5:30 p.m. through 5 a.m. (except for the Georgia Parking Lot) Monday through Thursday and starting at 3 p.m. on Friday. This means that vehicles with a permit may park in any available parking space, including, visitor, reserve, staff, and timed. The following spaces are not included in the open parking hours: state disabled, service vehicle spaces, loading docks, and 24 hour reserved spaces. The parking lot at Martin Hall reserved spaces do not open until 9:00pm for open parking.


  • Does VSU plan to build or improve parking lots?
    Currently, adequate parking is available to all parking customers (Visitors, Employees and Students). Recently the university build two brand new parking decks (Oak Street Parking Deck-which added an additional 910 spaces, and the Sustella Parking Deck-which added an additional 1,180 spaces). Parking Lots & Stats