Why are there so many auditors on campus?

There are different groups and types of auditors.

The campus internal auditors are responsible for supporting the institution’s management in meeting governance, risk management, and compliance responsibilities while helping to improve organizational and operational effectiveness and efficiency. Internal Auditors from the USG Office of Internal Audit are similarly responsible for system-wide issues.

The State Auditor provides an opinion on whether or not VSU’s financial statements “present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position as of the fiscal year end”. 

Also, many of our relationships include a right-to-audit clause where the contracting party can verify that we are performing as expected. These other relationships may include the Department of Education, SACS, grantors, etc.

Why does VSU have so many policies and procedures?  

As a public institution, VSU is subject to the rules set out by many regulatory and governing bodies. In addition to the Georgia Code, we need to be follow policies and procedures set out by the Board of Regents, the State Accounting Office, the Department of Administrative Services, and many more! Furthermore, Departments are responsible for setting out their own written procedures to make sure that their own business can be completed consistently, day after day. While implementing (or not implementing) policy and procedures is Management’s responsibility, we can help management assess their operations to be sure things are operating as they expect.

Can you deliver a talk to my unit/department/class/conference?

Yes! We offer a variety of professional development classes to assist the campus community in complying with state and federal regulations, established policies, procedures, and sound business practices. These workshops broaden the understanding within the University community of the importance of internal controls and accountability and ways to integrate continuous improvement in the operations.

I believe our process has opportunities for improvement. Can you work with us to help identify areas that need to be improved?

Yes! We can conduct a consultation engagement to help strengthen internal controls, which in turn help prevent errors from occurring and/or detect them if they do occur. Also, to improve operating effectiveness and effificiencies.

Why was my area selected for audit?

Our annual audit plans are risk-based, meaning we allocate our available audit resources to align with identified significant risks to the institution. The continuous process is collaborative. Throughout the year, meetings with the President, Vice Presidents, and other campus constituents to review their needs and concerns. Using the information provided from these interviews, we further identify the audit universe using various sources (i.e., surveys, questionnaires, analysis, industry best practices, audit issues, ERM, and brainstorm sessions). Once the audit universe is identified using the information stated above, risks are ranked within the centralized audit software, "Onspring," to determine the audit plan's audit areas. The final risk-based audit plan is then approved by the Cabinet, the President, and the USG Chief Audit Officer to be presented at the May Board of Regents for final approval by the Audit Committee for the upcoming fiscal year.

My area wasn’t selected for audit, and yet we have audit recommendations to address. How did this happen?

At VSU, every department has interactions with other areas. As we examine business processes in one area, we may find that the business processes from another area intersect.  The work of each VSU employee matters – even if it’s not immediately obvious how your job impacts others!

I suspect illegal, unethical, or irresponsible acts, but I’m worried about retaliation. What can I do?

Call the Hotline when you are unable to use normal administrative channels for voicing concerns about illegal, unethical and irresponsible activities. You can choose to remain anonymous; if you choose to identify yourself you are protected from retaliation.

As a student, how can I make Internal Auditing a good career choice?

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