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Craig Cothern

Craig Cothern

Craig is in the Adult and Career Education Program at VSU. eLearning sat down with him to discuss his online experience at VSU.

Why did you choose Valdosta State for your undergraduate education?

I had attended Valdosta previously right out of High School prior to transferring to GA Tech. The faculty always held a special place in my heart and you just cannot beat the south.

When you were considering undergraduate programs, why did you choose an online degree rather than a traditional face-to-face program?

This worked better with my lifestyle. I am a 44 year old full time worker, father of four and Board member to several wrestling boards in the state of GA.

As a student, what benefits/advantages did the online format offer you?

Flexibility in scheduling. A traditional class means having to go at specific times. Most online classes have given me the ability to attend when I can, even if it is fifteen minutes here or there.

If you were talking to a prospective student, what would you tell them about your degree program?

The teachers are amazing and do everything in their power to see that we learn and succeed. I feel that those that go out of their way to build relationships not only with the teacher/student but also with other students through discussions are the ones that can make the difference.

What is your overall experience like in the program?

Thus far I have been quite pleased. I find that even in the classes I thought I would breeze through, I have found the information enjoyable and well presented. Even picking up a few things now and then. I know my advisor has my back and is guiding me in the right paths.

Anything else you would like to add?

The entire staff at VSU has been so welcoming me back as a returning distance learner. From the admissions staff all the way through professors and even the bookstore. They make my journey an easy one and give me the strength to continue.

Congratulations Craig and thank you for being an outstanding VSU online student ambassador.