Research Appointment

Please note, Research Appointments are available during the following hours during Fall and Spring Semester:

  • Monday-Thursday:  8 AM - 9 PM
  • Friday:  8 AM - 4 PM
  • Saturday:  1 PM - 5 PM
  • Sunday:  2 PM - 9 PM

Summer Research Appointment Hours

  • Monday-Wednesday:  8 AM - 9 PM
  • Thursday:  8 AM - 6 PM
  • Friday:  8 AM - 3 PM
  • Sunday:  4 PM - 7 PM

Please allow two business days for your appointment to be scheduled. If you have a question, but are unsure you need a research appointment, please email us. Visit our online guide, Using the Library, for answers to frequently asked questions. The VSU Reference team will contact you by email, and will make every effort to confirm your appointment as soon as possible. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Additional Information
  • Appointments can be held in Odum Library, online, or over the phone.
  • Appointments can be individual or small groups. Please let us know how many will be attending the appointment if you are scheduling for a group.
  • Appointments can be made for daytime, evening and weekend hours.
  • Appointments usually last approximately 30 minutes and can be scheduled for longer. You may also request multiple appointments.
  • Appointments must be scheduled at least two business days in advance to allow the librarian to prepare. If you need to meet sooner, please visit the reference desk or contact us online using Live Chat or email.
  • Please note: the VSU Library Staff cannot:
    • proofread written work.
    • conduct research for anyone.
    • write specific research-related reports, lists, or similar items.
  • In Person at Odum Library
    Online (e.g. BlackBoard Collaborate, Skype or other)
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