Please help us make the Odum Library a welcoming environment by being respectful of others and keeping noise to a minimum. Some level of moderate noise is to be expected in the busiest parts of the building; if you need a quiet environment for studying, please seek out a designated quiet zone. Library users making excessive noise in quiet zones will be asked to relocate to other parts of the building.

Quiet areas are indicated by signs on the 1st and 3rd floors, North Side.

Rooms 2633, and 3250 (Computer labs) are designated quiet areas.

Cell phones - Upon entering Odum Library, please lower your ringtone volume, or set your phone to vibrate. 

If you are using earbuds or headphones, the volume must not be so loud that others can hear the “spray.”

Please be considerate of those who need to focus on individual research and study.

Be aware that even low-pitched conversations in atrium areas can be heard all the way to the 4th floor.