All lost and found items in Odum Library will be held in a controlled location in the Lending Services Department accessible only to library staff. Lending Services will secure items until they are delivered to the appropriate campus office as detailed below. Students may report lost items by informing a staff member and/or filling out a lost item notice which will be kept until the end of the semester or until the item is located. A lost item report form can be downloaded from here.

Items of higher value, such as those listed below, will be secured in the Lending Services Department and delivered to University Police on the same day they are found.

  • Cell Phones

  • Electronic Devices

  • Graphing Calculators

  • Keys

Items of lesser value, such as those listed below, will be kept on or near the lost and found shelf for 30 days.

  • Clothing

  • Umbrellas

  • Textbooks

  • Bookbags

  • Notebooks

  • Jump drives
  • VSU Identification cards will be immediately delivered to the OneCard Office via inter-campus mail.

  • All other identification and personal effects (i.e. Wallets, Purses, and Driver’s Licenses) will be immediately hand-delivered to Public Safety.

  • If enough contact information is available, library staff will attempt to contact the owner of a lost item. (This includes “items of higher value” above. If contact, though, is not immediately made, these items will be brought to University Police the same day they are found.)

  • To ensure items are returned to their rightful owners, persons claiming a lost item will be asked to give a description of said item.

Loose papers, stapled papers, and similar items found unattended are presumed to be trash and will be discarded.