Odum Library engages in ongoing assessment of our services and collection in order to ensure the delivery of high-quality information to Valdosta State University's faculty, staff, and students.

Information Literacy Assessment

Understanding our information literacy efforts is critical to develop a robust curriculum that meets the information needs of VSU's curricula. We use the data in these assessments to ensure that we are delivering instruction that is relevant to student and faculty needs and to identify areas of focus for future efforts.

Information Literacy Assessment Data

Building Usage Assessment

Understanding how the library is used is important for planning future library services. Since 2017, the library has been collecting regular walk through census data on how patrons are using the library through the open source Suma platform. These data have guided numerous improvements to library services, including the recent Learning Commons/Academic Support Center project in 2019.

General Library Usage Assessment

Odum Library also assesses our collection usage and gate count. We compile these annual statistics to better understand how the library and its collections are being used.

User Satisfaction Assessment

Odum Library prides itself on exemplary service to our patrons. In order to be certain that we are providing an acceptable level of customer service and to discover ways we can improve, we have run a user satisfaction survey every other year since 2013.

Information on these and other assessment studies can be found by contacting Dr. Laura Wright, Interim Dean of Library Faculty.

Annual Reports