An ideal option

When students need to improve their English language skills in order to successfully transition to college, Valdosta State University offers an ideal option – the ELI to VSU Bridge Program. The Bridge Program blends intensive English instruction with university coursework, enabling students to become a fully involved college student at Valdosta State University.  Even if you do not fully meet the English language proficiency requirements for admission to Valdosta State University, you still may find a home here through the ELI to VSU Bridge Program. This program is designed for students who meet specific academic criteria in order to enroll in courses designed to prepare you for full admission. For specific questions regarding the Bridge program, please contact us at

Who should participate in the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is designed specifically for students in the intensive English language program who are in the upper levels and/or for students who have scored 60 or better on the TOEFL (500 PBT) or 5.5 or better on the IELTS, and who meet all other university admission requirements. Students who are interested in applying for the Bridge Program should contact the English Language Institute for help with the application process via email  

Program structure

While taking required courses in the English Language Institute, students enroll in one or two university-level courses, depending upon their progress in the ELI and their placement scores. Upon successful completion of the Bridge Program and ESL coursework, students will transition to full-time VSU coursework.  

Program components

  • Bridge Program students participate in seminar-style classes
  • Classes are designed to enhance critical thinking and reasoning, written and oral communication expertise, quantitative reasoning and scientific literacy.
  • The curriculum, aligned with VSU’s core curriculum helps develop the reading, writing and research skills needed to successfully navigate university academic coursework.
  • The focus is on expanding knowledge of academic content and vocabulary, writing in various academic genres using formal English, developing active reading strategies and critical reading skills, and incorporating research into writing.
  • Students also learn to use grammatical structures in spoken and written academic contexts and study academic interactions.
  • Building lecture-listening and note-taking skills, participating in group and whole class discussions, and incorporating research into presentations are also integral aspects of the program.

Important Information You Should Know

  • The Bridge program is designed to last one or two semesters depending upon your placement scores, and can begin in the beginning of the fall or spring semester.
  • Students who are successful in both the intensive English program classes and the Bridge coursework, earning a "B" or higher in each course, will be moved to full admissions status after completing the ELI coursework.
  • If a student earns less than a "C" in any course during Bridge, they must enroll elsewhere and earn 30 credit hours from an accredited institution to re-apply to VSU.  The courses completed elsewhere must include one college-level English course and one college-level math course. 
  • Bridge students are permitted to take Science, Math, and/or other courses approved by the VSU Bridge Program director and the Admissions Office.  
  • No refunds are given for students who are removed for not meeting program requirements.


* Students pay full ELI tuition plus tuition at VSU for the appropriate number of hours.  Additional costs, such as student fees, will be applied at the time of enrollment.  Costs for books are also separate.

How do I Apply?

  • Apply for Admission - Fill out your ELI application and contact at the email address below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bridge Program, email us at