International Advisory Committees 2012-2018




List of Committees



  • Faculty Internationalization Committee (Faculty Internationalization Fund and Brown Scholar Awards);

Chair: Dr. James LaPlant

Ex-Officio: Dr. Ivan Nikolov


      • Dr. Alan Bernstein
      • Dr. Kenneth Kirk
      • Dr. Jiri Stelzer
      • Dr. Andrew S. Ostapski

  • Study Abroad Committee

Chair: Dr.  Michael Savoie

Ex Officio:   Irina McClellan                               


  • Dr. James LaPlant
  • Dr. Steven Kohn
  • Dr. Michael Baun
  • Dr. David Starling
  • Dr. Zulal Denaux
  • Dr. Victoria Russell
  • Dr. Cynthia Tori
  • Dr. Wilson Huang

  • International Students Scholarship Committee


Ex Officio:            David Huffman


  • Dr. Christine James
  • Dr. Ivan Nikolov
  • Dr. David Starling
  • Dr. Robert Harding

 Note:    Interested faculty members welcome to attend in advisory capacity.


  • International Minor Committee

Chair:   Dr. Michael Baun

Ex Officio:   Dr. Ivan Nikolov                             


  • Dr. Robert Harding - Political Science
  • Dr. Sharon Gravett - English
  • Dr. Christine James - Philosophy
  • Dr. Zulal Denaux - Economics
  • Dr. Ken Kirk - Music
  • Dr. Theresa Thompson – World Literature
  • Dr. Jiri Stelzer - Physical Education

  • International Studies Committee

Chair:   Dr. Michael Baun


  • Dr. Wilson Huang (Asia Council)
  • Irina McClellan (European Council)
  • David Starling (Asia Council)