Program Director:           Dr. Ivan Nikolov

Office: Center for International Programs 204 Georgia Avenue

Program Coordinator:         Dr. Robert Harding

Office : Department of Political Science, West Hall 244

The Center for International Programs offers a multidisciplinary minor in International Studies, which is designed to meet three objectives:

  1. Provide students with a fundamental understanding of international studies as an academic field and the dynamics involved in international issues and concerns;
  2. Provide students with a substantial exposure to a specific world region, transnational problem, or disciplinary specialty that is international in scope;
  3. Offer opportunities for undergraduate research,  service learning, and community engagement in the international dimension.

Selected Educational Outcomes

1. To clearly describe the parameters of international studies as a field of inquiry and practice, both in historic perspective and current usage;

2. To evaluate career possibilities that are international in nature as well as the most suitable educational paths to those careers;

3. To appreciate the complexities of cultural differences and the impact of these differences on cross-cultural understanding;

4. To apply the tools of research to a major international and inter-disciplinary problem, issue, or phenomenon;

5. To express thorough knowledge of a particular international problem, world region, or international dimension within an academic discipline.

International Studies Minor Requirements

Advisory Committee

All inquiries regarding the minor should be directed to Dr. Robert Harding or Dr. Ivan Nikolov.  The Minor is assisted by an advisory board made up of experienced faculty in the field of international studies. Students may wish to consult with these faculty members in their respective colleges regarding overseas study opportunities and completion of a Senior Capstone Project (INT'L 4800).

International Studies Minor Advisory Committee

Dr. Ivan Nikolov - Ex Officio Chair, CIP

Dr. Michael Baun - Program Committee Chair, Political Science

Dr. Robert Harding, Political Science, Program Coordinator Dr. Ken Kirk, Arts
Dr. Christine James, Philosophy Dr. Michael Noll, Geography
Dr. Theresa Thompson, Literature Dr. Cynthia Tori, Economics