Asia Council's Response to Atlanta's Violent Attack on Asians

The murder of eight people in Atlanta on Tuesday, March 16, is a violent reminder of the increase in racism and violence experienced this year by the Asian-American and Asian communities in the USA. The Asia Council stands against all forms of racism, xenophobia, gender violence, and hate. We reaffirm that the State of Georgia is a place that values Asia's cultural and intellectual contributions to our communities and campuses. We send our deepest sympathies to our neighbors, who are the victims of this unnecessary tragedy. 



Highlighting Asia in Georgia

Asia is an important area of the world in terms of population, economics, politics, and culture. This is a region that has become more important for the United States in the recent decades because of its prominence in the global economy. In addition, we recognize the humanistic, artistic and scientific contributions of Asian societies to world civilization, and the contribution that Asian immigrants have made in the development of the United States.

Furthermore, Asian Americans have made significant economic and cultural contributions to the state of Georgia, and Asian immigrants, the children of Asian immigrants, and Asian non-immigrants (i.e. visa students) comprise a substantial segment of the University System of Georgia student population. The Asia Council seeks to promote scholarship, research, and direct experience for the students and faculty of the University System of Georgia through opportunities to study and teach abroad, and through sponsorship of events which highlight "Asia" in Georgia.


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