Post Award Administration Oversight and Guidance

    • Provide oversight and guidance of post award administration to Principal Investigators (PIs) and departmental staff to ensure compliance with sponsor terms and conditions, federal and or state regulations, and University policies and procedures.
    • Assists PIs and department Administrators/Staff by providing guidance on policies and procedures and the grant budgeting/financial system.
    • Provide training to update administrative staff and PIs regarding changes to agency guidelines, federal and or state regulations and University policy, procedures and financial systems.

New Award Set-up

    • The account chart string is used to establish the grant id and fund numbers, including cost share funds where applicable, within the financial system.
    • Load budget based on award documentation provided by OSPRA.
    • The responsible Restricted Funds Accountant will notify the Principal Investigator and OSPRA via email when the account chart string has been established.
    • Establishes and monitors sponsored research projects within the financial system.

Review and Processing of Sponsored Research Project Expenditures

    • OSPRA/Post Award Administrator will review and approve transactions received by a department that are associated with sponsored research projects (i.e. requisitions, Payroll Authorization forms, travel reimbursement requests, p-card purchases, check requests, purchase orders, contractors, etc.). Please note that sub-contract agreements should be in place prior to payment of sub-contract invoices.
    • Review, approve and process requests for cost transfers, including salary reallocations related to sponsored projects, as appropriate.
    • Monitor expenditure activities on sponsored research funds to ensure compliance with federal regulations, agency specific requirements, and University policies and procedures.
    • Review and approve procurement card applications and expenditures, as appropriate.
    • Turn-around time for requisition and expenditure approval - 3 business days.  

Time and Effort Reporting – (required on all awards)

    • OSPRA maintenance of the Time and Effort Reporting system.
    • A notification will be sent to the PI on a semester basis to complete time and effort reporting.
    • Monitor certification of time and effort reporting, ensuring compliance with federal effort reporting regulations.

Invoicing and Financial Reporting

    • Process account reconciliation of grant expenditures; processing department submitted cost transfers as required.
    • Work with Restricted Funds accountant to prepare and submit interim and final financial reports and issues invoices in a timely manner, as required by sponsors.
    • Work with Restricted Funds accountant and PI in preparing of financial and technical reports to sponsoring agencies.

Award Closeout

    • Restricted Funds Accountant and or Post Award Administrator will send PI Award Expiration Notifications via email, when appropriate.
    • Co-ordinate financial closeout and termination of an award with Principal Investigators, departmental staff, Restricted Funds Accountant and Post Award Administrator.
    • Reconciliation of any deficit or other corrections would then be processed by the responsible PI, Restricted Funds Accountant and Post Award Administrator based on applicable cost transfer/salary reallocation paperwork.
    • Complete final reporting.
    • Close out grant/fund(s) in financial system.

Financial Audits

    • Co-ordinates all audits conducted by external audit agencies, evaluators/contractors and provides information required during audit reviews.

Linda Lackey, OSPRA's Compliance Officer/Post Award (PA), can be reached at (229) 249-2614 Office hours are Tuesday - Thursday: 8 AM - 5:30 PM.