Project Title
Corey Anderson Biology CAS The Development of DNA-Based Markers for Genetically Fingerprinting Spanish Moss
Julie Bowland Art COTA Light and Color: From Canoe to Studio
Emily Cantonwine Biology CAS Testing a New Hypothesis for the Mysterious Cause of Irregular Leaf Spot
Emily Croteau Biology CAS Using Environmental DNA to Survey the Flatwoods Salamander, Ambystoma Cingulatum
Anurag Dasgupta Math/CS CAS Self-Stabilizing Algorithms in Distributed Systems
Marie Elliot Comm Arts COTA Hill of Witches
Alexandrina Focsan Chemistry CAS Characterization of Carotenoid Radicals: Further Evidence for the Conditions Under Which the Formation of Neutral Radicals Occurs During Photoprotection
Lynn Jones Accounting COBA The Influence of Diversity on Administrative and Faculty Employment Practices
Lana Kim M&FT COE Addressing Societal-Based Power Imbalances in the Clinical Treatment of Intimate Relationships
Matthew Waters Biology CAS The Paleoecological Impacts of Prescribed Fire on Ocean Pond, FL, USA