Awardee Department College Project Title Amount
Steve Downey Curriculum, Leadership &
Education Using Virtual World Programmable Avatars
as Knowledge Demonstration Tools
Dereth Drake Physics, Astronomy, &
Arts & Science Characterization of Plasma Discharges
used during
Plasma Etching of Metal Surfaces
A. Ligia Focsan Chemistry Arts & Science Isolation, Preparation, and Characterization
of Carotenoid Radicals –
Importance in Photosynthesis
Chunlei Liu Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science Cooperative Driving Assistant System
for Wise Cars
Thomas Manning Chemistry Arts & Science Ocean Sampling Device $5,000

James Martinez
Jeremy Tost
Larry Hilgert

Middle, Secondary, Reading &
Deaf Education &
Psychology & Counseling
Education Eighth Grade Gang Risk Factors and
Academic Achievement
Lai-Kent Orenduff Art Arts Cuban Church Art $4,880
Emily Rogers &
Howard Carrier
Odum Library Academic
A Qualitative Investigation of Patrons’
Experiences with Academic Library Consultation
Molly Stoltz &
William Faux
Communication Arts Arts Rural Caregivers Commuting Experience $7,500
Jenifer Turco Biology Arts & Science Role of Apoptosis in the Killing of Host
Cells by Interferon Treatment
plus Rickettsia prowazekii