Awardee Department College Project Title Amount
Corey Anderson Biology Arts & Science The Effect of Local Landscape
Heterogeneity on Dispersal of the
Nine-Banded Armadillo
(Dasypus novemcinctus): Implications
for Transmission Dynamics of
Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease)
Emily Cantowine Biology Arts & Science Relating Early Developmental Stages of
Cercospora arachidicola to Curative
Activities of Fungicides
Francis Flaherty Physics Arts & Science Image De-convolution Research $4,450
Mary Gorham-Rowan Communication
Sciences and
Education Effect of Thickened Liquids on
Physiological, Physical, Cognitive,
and Vocal Measures
Owen Jones History Arts & Science Colonial K’iche’ Justice: Law and Juridical
Practice from K’iche’ Communities to
Spanish Colonial High Courts
Jai Lu Physics Arts & Science Land Use, Landscape Ecology, and
Population: A Pilot Study of Nanjing, China
Karl Paoletti Music Arts The Effect of Technology in the Assessment
of Singing Training in a University Studio
Victoria Russell Modern & Classical
Arts & Science The Acquisition of Complex Spanish
Grammar in a Web-Based Learning
Environment among Students with a
Low Aptitude for Languages
Grazyna Walczak Modern & Classical
Arts & Science Memory and Literature $5,000
John Woodruff Modern & Classical
Arts & Science Carbon Isotope and Trace Element Analysis
of the Binding to Ayer MS 1515