Awardee Department College Project Title Amount
Gretchen Bielmyer Biology Arts & Science The Influence of Salinity on Metal Toxicity
to the Sea Anemone, Aiptasia pallida
Cristina Calestani Biology Arts & Science Study of Sex Reversal Induced by
Starvation in Adult Mussels
Joyce Chan Sociology,
Anthropology &
Criminal Justice
Arts & Science Taphonomic Assessment of Pig Carrion
in South Georgia
J. Dominick Gheesling Art Arts A 21st Century Catalogue of
Suwannee River Assets
Anne Greenfield English Arts & Science
The Rise and Fall of Rape on the
English Stage: 1660-1720
Michael Holt &
J. Richard Carter
Library Academic
A Valdosta State University Virtual Herbarium $6,834
Luke Jones &
Attila Cseh
Marketing &
Factors that Affect Risk Aversion in
Representative Decision Making
Theodore Uyeno Biology Arts & Science The Biomechanics of Soft Tissue Structures:
From Morphology to Function Testing
Lily Vuong Philosophy &
Religious Studies
Arts & Science Re-Envisioning the Virgin: Knowing Mary
through the Intersection of Syriac Christianity
and the Protoevangelium of James
Matthew Waters Biology Arts & Science The Development and Persistence of Toxic
Cyanobacteria in Lake Griffith, Florida