Awardee Department College Project Title Amount
Julie Bowland Art Arts Contemporary Paintings at the Buchanan
Museum of Fine Art
Eric Chambers Biology Arts & Science An Analysis of Insecticide Resistance Allele
Frequencies in Aedes albopictus Mosquitoes
in South Georgia, USA
Haiquan Chen Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science LinkProbe: Probabilistic Inference on
Large Social Networks
Emily Croteau Biology Arts & Science Identification of Range-Core Boundaries and
Effects on Genetic Diversity in Amphibians
Dean Duncan Chemistry Arts & Science Preparation of Hybrid Organic/Metal-Oxide Molecules $4,980
Weiman Feng &
Donald Thieme
Physics, Astronomy
& Geosciences
Arts & Science Concentration and Isotopic Ratios of
Atmospheric and Soil CO2
in the City of Valdosta
Jessica Goldsmith Art Arts Exploring the Living Heritage of Spatial Use
Among Indigenous Andean Weavers
Timothy Henkel Biology Arts & Science Laboratory Rearing of the
Obligate Sponge-Dwelling Brittlestar
Ophiothrix lineata
Catherine Oglesby,
Kate Warner &
Martha Laughlin
History &
Marriage & Family
Arts & Science Georgia Senior Women $7,500
Brian Ring &
David Bechler
Biology Arts & Science Genome Analysis of Kryptolebias Hybrids $7,500
Jose Velez-Marulanda Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science Universal Deformation Rings of Modules
over an Algebra of Dihedral Type
Jenny Vu Chemistry Arts & Science Lewis Acid Catalyzed 2,3-Rearrangement of
O-allylhydrosylamine Ethers and a
Novel Ring Expansion of Isooxazolidines
Jin Wang Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science Interactive Particle Models in
Multi-Agent Enterprise Systems
Yakov Woldman Chemistry Arts & Science Enzyme-Linked Luminescent Detection of
Nitric Oxide in Cell Culture