CITI Program Website Downtime for Software Upgrade

Starting Monday 29 July at 11 a.m. U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, the CITI Program website will be unavailable for approximately two to three days to complete a major software upgrade.

This software change will update many internal features of the CITI Program platform, and provide a changed user interface across the site designed to improve the experience of both learners and administrators.

Learners will find all their familiar links and tools, but in a format that is easier to navigate. In particular, the main learner menu and other learner sections will be divided into areas that expand and contract on a click, to allow easier focus on particular information.

Administrators will be able to access all their utilities as they always have, but will see that those are now clustered in a new "Admin" section available via a top-of-page navigation link.

In addition to these changes, all learners and administrators will be asked to update their passwords on the first login to the new system. This is to enable longer, case-sensitive passwords for improved security.

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