The College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of English offer the Master of Arts (M.A.) in English degree for students who wish to continue their study of literature, literary criticism, language, rhetoric and composition, and creative writing.

M.A. in English

Due to the structure of the M.A. curriculum, students are able to tailor their academic program to meet their special interests. The program prepares students for many different careers and programs. M.A. graduates go on to complete doctoral degree programs and find success in professional settings, such as college and secondary-education and business.

Valdosta State University offers a wide array of services that support student research. Odum Library has more than 350,000 volumes, including several special collections, and it subscribes to more than 2,700 periodicals. It also provides an on-line catalogue and database searches, interlibrary loan facilities, and access to websites and library catalogues all over the world.

Department of English