The Department of Biology and College of Arts and Sciences offer the Master of Science (M.S.) in Biology. The program provides students who have completed an undergraduate degree in Biology, an opportunity for advanced study in life sciences. The program prepares graduates for careers in biology, education, and biotechnology/medical fields. Graduates of this are also well-prepared to continue their studies at the doctoral level.

M.S. in Biology Program Information

The M.S. curriculum is 30 semester hours and requires a formal thesis for graduation; however, students pursuing the degree who do not plan to transition into a Ph.D. curriculum have the option of developing a program of study, in conjunction with their advisor, that fits their professional and educational goals and interests.

The Biology Department of Valdosta State University expects its graduate students to acquire the following: A breadth of knowledge appropriate to a Master’s level of competence in the biological sub-disciplines of cell and molecular biology, genetics, organismal biology and evolution and ecology; a knowledge base that will permit students to identify significant biological research questions, develop protocols to solve problems, and properly analyze and resolve research questions through the use of the scientific method. The Biology Department’s admission policies, degree offerings, degree options, and course offerings are designed to help all students achieve these goals.