Newly Hired and Current Graduate Assistants

Congratulations on your appointment as a Graduate Assistant! The first step in the hiring process is completing a background check.  In order to do this, the graduate student MUST complete a Background Check Consent Form.  Once hired, you will receive an email from Michelle Jordan with a link and directions on how to complete this form. 

After your background check has been completed and you have been deemed "ELIGIBLE FOR HIRE", you will need to set up an appointment with the Graduate Assistant Coordinator, Sage Harris, by emailing to review the paperwork and attend a brief employment orientation. Please note - before you can begin working as a Graduate Assistant, you must pass a Background Check and complete all paperwork. 

Please be aware that the Graduate Assistant Coordinator cannot complete any paperwork with the student until the background check has been returned by Human Resources.

FAQs: Graduate Assistants

Current Graduate Assistants

ADP Shared Services Portal

All GAs must register with ADP services after receiving the email with instructions from the Student Employment Office.  Due to ACA regulations, GAs MUST record time worked in the ADP system.  GAs may print pay information each month, print W-2s each year, and update tax information via ADP Shared Services portal (see above link).

Holidays & Summers

Graduate assistants do not have to work holidays or make up hours missed due to holidays (e.g., Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, July 4, etc.). The same is true for Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring Breaks. However, GAs do work "Dead Day," which are the days in between semester classes and final exams. Depending on the type of assistantship help, the GA will work between Maymester and summer semester. Contact the Graduate Student Services Specialist at with questions regarding your summer assistantship.

Resignations or Terminations

A graduate assistant choosing to resign or terminate his/her employment should submit a letter of resignation to the departmental supervisor and the Graduate Assistant Coordinator, or a GA may be terminated by email or memo from their supervisor. If a GA resigns or is terminated at any point during a semester, their tuition and final pay will be pro-rated. Failure to perform satisfactorily the duties assigned by the supervisor could result in the termination of the assistantship.


A graduate assistant may fill out an evaluation of their experience at any time to let the Graduate School know where they can improve the assistantships they offer.  Please fill out the following survey and click submit.  Graduate Assistant Evaluation of Experience Survey

Grievance Procedures

  • Consult the Administrative Coordinator of the Graduate School for procedures to be followed in case of a grievance concerning the assistantship. 
  • Conflict Resolution Process and Committee Information (formerly Alternative Dispute Resolution) Graduate assistants may utilize the CRC when mediation can be used to resolve conflict between a GA and supervisor, co-worker, or other parties. This is a service for Faculty, Staff and Students.