for Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty

Application Deadlines

Complete packets must be submitted to the Graduate School by:

Spring 2024 -  March 8th 

     Fall 2024- September 13th



Graduate Faculty Application for Full Graduate Status  Ensure you are adjusting the date range to 5 years for Graduate Faculty Status applications.  See below for more details.

Each candidate for graduate faculty status must submit an application containing all the relevant material needed by the Membership Committee to evaluate an applicant's status.  Complete explanations of each term can be found at the Categories and Terms of Membership

Graduate Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring (most recent 5-year period)

Scheduled Teaching

Export and attach a Scheduled Teaching report from the Success Portal covering the most recent five years:

  1. Access the Success Port through MyVSU or directly at
  2. Select Reports from the top menu>>then Scheduled Teaching
  3. For "Term Start" select five years prior; for "Term End" select the current term.
  4. Select Run Report
  5. Select Actions
  6. Select Download
  7. Download as PDF or RTF
  8. Depending on your web browser's settings, the file may open immediately or download. Save the report to your computer or OneDrive

Do not include CVs with "full" status app.

Submit via DocuSign (instructions) Upload two files (completed application AND Scheduled Teaching report from the Success Portal) and route as follows:

  1. recipient: Applicant (for signature)
  2. recipent: Department Head (for signature)
  3. recipent: Dean (for signature)
  4. recipient: Darli DeVane (djdevane) (for cc: receives a copy)
  • If you are unable to send via DocuSign, email the fully signed application and scheduled teaching report to 





Questions? Please call 229-333-5695.