Graduate Assistant Supervisor's Information

GA Hiring Process

GA Hiring Flow Chart

Once the Graduate School has received your request for a Graduate Assistant you may be asked to submit a job description.  Approved GA positions will be posted on the electronic Graduate Assistantship portal each semester. Prospective graduate students can view all of the postings but cannot apply for a position until they are formally admitted to the graduate school.

Go to: Grad Assistant On Line Application

  1. Log in using your BlazeView User Name and Password. User Name/Password Help

  2. Click on the "Employer" tab in the upper right hand corner on the Welcome page. (Ignore "Filter Applicants" box.)

  3. Review applications (click on the "pencil" to the left of the resume). You will see only your department’s submissions IF someone has applied for the position.

  4. Interview prospective GA students

  5. Choose a GA


    NOTE: NEW GAs cannot begin work until their background checks have been cleared by Human Resources.

  7.  Complete and submit the New Hire Web Form.  

    Moving forward, completion of this form is the exclusive means of notifying the Graduate School of New Hire GA's. Emailing the student's name/info is not considered official notice of hire, and will not be acted upon without receipt of the New Hire Web Form.

  8. The Graduate Student Services Specialist will contact the student to fill out required paperwork. Additionally the GSSS will "close" the job description for you and inform those not selected for the position.

Assistant Work/Pay Schedule

  • Graduate Assistants work from the Wednesday prior to classes, through the day before graduation of each semester. 

  • HOLIDAYS & SUMMERS- Graduate Assistants do not have to work holidays (Labor Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July 4, etc.) or make up hours missed due to holidays. The same is true for fall, Thanksgiving, and spring breaks. GAs do work "Dead Day" unless it's a furlough day. GAs may also work May Mester and Summer Semesters, budgets allowing.

  • Student should make up hours missed if absent due to illness or work on class projects or other appointments that prevent them from working allotted hours on an assigned work day.

Required Credit Hours and Maintaining Graduate GPA

  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) graduate-level hours each semester they have the assistantship. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Graduate assistants must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to keep their assistantships.  If the GPA drops below 3.0, the assistantship will be revoked.  Graduate students must have a 3.0 to graduate, so it is recommended that GAs stay focused on their coursework and grades!

How Does the Tuition Waiver Work?

TUITION IS REDUCED in the following manner for both in-state and out-of-state students (effective Fall 2011):

  • FALL and SPRING: A GA will receive a tuition waiver after payment of the first $38 in tuition each semester for a total of up to 15 credit hours in the fall and 15 credit hours in the spring. Any additional credits taken will be charged to the GA at the in-state rate.

  • SUMMER: A GA will receive a tuition waiver after payment of the first $38 in tuition for a total of up to 9 credit hours in the summer (semester I, II, III, IV). Any additional credits taken will be charged to the GA at the in-state rate.

  • Students are also responsible for paying all other fees (i.e. athletic, activity, transportation, health clinic, health insurance premiums, etc.).  Students are also responsible for their own living expenses and books. 2019-2020 Fee Schedule

Grievance Procedures, Resignation, or Termination

  • Consult the Administrative Coordinator of the Graduate School for procedures to be followed in case of a grievance concerning an assistant.  Should disciplinary action be taken, it is recommended that graduate assistants be given a verbal warning for the first incident; a written warning for the second; and finally - termination. Also, the Graduate School has developed a formal appeals procedure for academic and other matters that can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook and through the Graduate School web site.

  • Conflict Resolution Committee Supervisors of graduate assistants may utilize the CRC when mediation can be used to resolve conflict between a GA and supervisor, co-worker, or other parties at its onset. This is a service FOR FACULTY, STAFF, AND STUDENTS -- In 1994, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents' initiative and the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution established a system-wide conflict resolution program as a way to:

    • communicate differences without opposition

    • resolve conflict at lowest level

    • improve institutional environment

    • lead the development of ADR in higher education

  • A graduate assistant choosing to resign or terminate his/her employment must submit a letter of resignation to their supervisor and the Graduate Assistant Coordinator, or a GA can be terminated by their supervisor via email or memo from said supervisor.

  • If a GA resigns during any given semester their tuition owed and final pay will be pro-rated.

  • Failure to perform satisfactorily the duties assigned by the supervisor could result in the termination of the assistantship at any time during a semester.